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Hello beautiful world! It's finally weekend, which means I finally get to blog. It's quite disturbing having to wait 5 days to write stuff, and when you're able, you have no idea where to start.

So I'm starting with this restaurant Andrea and I visited. It's called Comunale, and it's placed in Beton Hall.If you remember in one of my posts i already mentioned Beton Hall, where i reviewed "Toro", which is also placed there. 

So, let's talk about Comunale. Well, i must say it was night when we came, so I couldn't have taken many photos of it, but tbh place isn't anything special. I mean don't get me wrong. It's quite sophisticated and elegant, but it's looking usual.It's a fact. It's not ugly. Not even near. The only thing i really fancy about it, are the lights. They have those cool bulb lamps hanging, and if you ask me they're saving them! :)

The prices were exclusive Belgradish usual. My cappuccino was 190rsd, which would be 1.50 euros, and her Tea was believe it or not even more expensive;it was 1.70. I mean don't get me wrong reading this. But, before coming to Belgrade I was used to drinking tea for 70 rsd lol But i guess, City is City

The WiFi Password for this place is simply "Comunale" . At least for now. :) But, if you ask me which restaurant i prefer more, "Toro" or "Comunale", i would say Toro. It's definitely more appealing to me. Comunale definitely has that minimal, as already mentioned elegant look, but it's too minimal for my taste. Or at least comparing to over-crowded Torro. lol 

When walking aside river shore, or Beton Hall, we saw "Sofa" restaurant (i think). We decided that's going to be the next place we visit. From window peek, it looks divine! Can't wait to actually go there. But I'll try to go during day time this time, so I could take some more photos. :) 

So that would be all guys! Thank for reading, and hear from you 2morrow, when I hope to write a post about my whole past week in general. :-) xo


  1. I love how nice and clean your blog layout is! Love the outfit, too!

  2. I am having some serious coffee envy after this post!

    1. Lool it's a good thing, trust me, everything about Coffee must a good thing! *evil laugh* :))

  3. I like the photos! Nice informative post

    1. Thank you very much Jamie! Glad you enjoyed it! :-)


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